The Sunshine

Valentine Tommy Kitten appeared in our lives back in 2007. He was sublime. Very, very beautiful. Too adventurous for his own good; he only stayed with us for nine months but in those nine months we fell head over heels in love with him.

Because of Tommy, who now oversees us all at his resting place – between our two beech trees – we share our home with, what we collectively refer to as, The Sunshine Band. We remember Valentine Tommy Kitten when we sit at his bench at the top of our fell side garden between those beech trees.  It has proven to be a very fitting place to be close to Tommy and remember him.

An introduction…

Maisie Mittens (Baygazer Littleflower) our Birman Lilac Tabby Point who believes the best thing ever is bagging the top shelf of the airing cupboard. Finds the hoover terrifying and has an addiction, that no-one is helping her with; to Dreamies.

Daisy (Baygazer Silverslippers) our Birman Blue Point is Maisie Mitten’s best friend. She likes to feel toasty at all times which makes her nighttime bed of choice on top of the Smeg fridge an interesting one.

sunshine4Mischa (Whistletyne Nightingale) our beautiful, traditional – double coated – black Labrador.  Lived her life with one bounce after another and thought the best part of the day (apart from when daddy got home, of course) was dancing with mummy, in the kitchen – nothing better. Mummy. In our hearts forever and resting in our paddock which will soon be the home of a Shepherds Hut. It will be our place.

Truly Scrumptious aged ten is our delicious Cavachon. There is no denying she is ruined but why not? She asks. She makes her mummy very, very happy when they share their afternoon nap. Adores carrots and green beans.Truly Scrumptious for Crafty

Betsy Biscuit (Tetsimi) our cute as custard Tibetan Terrier. No-one and I repeat no-one would not know when BB is in the room. She is the happiest little creature – learnt everything she knows from Mischa her mummy (loves butterflies) and can think of nothing better than chasing Maisie Mittens and Daisy and generally causing mischief.

Crumb is best described as measured. Chilled in a way we at Sunshine Towers are unfamiliar; naturally she will become Crumble when she gets bigger. She is a Cockapoo and makes us all feel blessed. She has effortlessly stepped into the role of little sister to Betsy Biscuit and for that we are all hugely grateful. Not one of our Sunshines will ever be alone.

Valentine Tommy Kitten showed my husband and I how much love we have to share. Gone but never forgotten.