Can it really be 21 years …?

During my childhood I led a very outdoorsy lifestyle, with my father, we cycled together and climbed the Lakeland hills. Memories I will always cherish.

In 1989…
Approached by a charismatic American in the Winter Gardens, Milton Keynes, he asked me what I was doing.  I explained I was moving to MK that year and he offered me a job on the spot!  He was a director of LivingWell Health Clubs and his new health club was about to be launched and I was on board.  My gym bunny days had begun.  For the next seven years it moulded me.

In 1996…
Returning to Cumbria – to teach dance – with a rather gorgeous Dane (whom I had collected from the Health Club) we settled in Lazonby to be near my parents, grand parents and aunty and uncle.  Dad laughed when I suggested (whilst he washed dishes) that I would join him (on the bike) the next day and could I borrow a bike.  He was too slow for me – I found my own way home that day. That, you could say, was that.  Dad – a true cyclist – is my inspiration.  Over the following years he re-ignited. To this day he is too fast for me.

A cycle crash on ice and a broken elbow.  Pilates found me.  A very small piece in a health periodical drew my eye. It made complete sense. Few knew how to pronounce Pilates let alone practice it! I became the first independent teacher and demand was outrageously high.

A terrible training crash saw me hospitalised and left with a head injury and facial damage.  I took the view that I was doing too much and had to slow down – I taught, at the time, 30 classes at various health clubs seven days a week.  I began at this point to become more discerning and employ myself and to this day have never looked back. My classes are full of like-minded and wonderful personalities and they come along to me, not because it is part of a Club membership but because they want to.

I won the Cycling Time Trial National Championship Ladies 12 hour with a distance of 243.49 miles.

I won the Cycling Time Trial  National Championship 24 hour on my first attempt with a distance of 445.19 miles, seeing off the formidable Lynn Taylor who holds the ‘end to end’ ladies record which – for the record is 2 days 16 hours 37 minutes and 11 seconds.

Asked to write for the News & Star Active Cumbria.  I write a health column which appears every month.  In 2008 I began to write a monthly Lifestyle column for Carlisle Living and I contribute to various other publications.  I love to read and I love to write.

I acquire a new husband – doesn’t everyone have a (very wonderful) first husband? We settle in Cumrew to enjoy the open space. Collect (with lots of careful consideration) three dogs, three cats (one adoptee) and lots of hens.  We adore the chaos it brings.

I develop my studio at Townfoot Farm from the hay barn. It is full of character and warmth.  I take great pleasure teaching one to one clients in the tranquility it offers.

Another cycling crash on ice (will I never learn?)  this time a seriously damaged right arm requiring months of rehabilitation with shoulder surgery and a re-contruction.  Life without Pilates? – never!

Border City Wheelers Ladies Champion.


Border City Wheelers Ladies Champion.

plus a very special haul of silverware. Fantastic season.

What is next? Lots more of the same I hope.

2016 & 2017

Ladies Champion. PB and Club record 10 mile time trial 22:42 in August 2017


Ladies Champion BCW and 2nd Club Championship winner: completing 25, 50 & 100 mile TTs and feeling fantastic at 50 …!

The show goes on … with our new video streaming.

I will be publishing new classes weekly and you can watch in the privacy of your own home (or anywhere for that matter).  To book a week with me via my video simply click the link below:

You can book any day of the week (just when you fancy a class) and your notification will include the weekly password. To access the video you enter the PINK HOME on the front page.

Can’t make it any easier than that …! Can I? I hope you book and share this experience with me. I will chatter throughout (I bet you knew that).