Why Pilates?

Developed nearly a century ago, Pilates’ innovative method is more relevant today than ever before and can help relieve back pain and poor posture stemming from our sedentary habits and stressful lives.

Exercises are inspired by control, centre and flow. Described by Joseph Pilates as “the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit”, Pilates activates your awareness to engage the muscles of the spine, abdominals and pelvic floor.

The goal of a Pilates practice is to increase overall strength and flexibility. Pilates movements can be (and are) adaptable and are therefore well-suited for all ages and fitness abilities. To become the best version of you: with a body that works with you and not against you.

My Pilates Classes

I offer a range of classes either from the comfort of your own home with my video on demand or come along to one of my venue classes - the choice is yours.

On Demand

follow me on video at your pace in the comfort of your own home

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come along to one of my fun, more sociable classes at a venue near you.

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a tailored private class at my Pilates Barn

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Born from necessity, and continued through desire, my videos are an opportunity to follow a class in the comfort of your own space and at a time that works for you. I record three sessions each week:

Classic lasting 45 minutes. Restorative 20 minutes & Rejuvenation at 15 minutes and you get all three.
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Pilates mat class is a small-group format featuring a series of dynamic exercises focusing on the use of our “power house” muscles to stabilise and lengthen the body.

I emphasise Joseph Pilates’ original exercises while modifying movement and structure when needed to maximise benefit from the work. Focus is on proper alignment and mobility of the spine along with recruitment of the deep postural muscles to increase strength, flexibility and improve posture. This is all done in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to encourage interaction and friendship.

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Note: press on the word 'SCHEDULE' below to see ALL scheduled classes.

My Pilates Barn & Private Tuition

My Pilates Barn sits peacefully in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and offers privacy should you wish to see me alone or with a friend. To make it even better I can offer a video to watch at home following our session.

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or Call : 07976 266 335

Townfoot Farm, Cumrew, Brampton.