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Writing allows me to explore. I devour all things health and believe that if you create space around you then you are able to listen to what your body needs.

I began to write for Cycling Plus – a national cycling magazine – leading to articles appearing in the Sunday Express magazine. This followed eight years writing a monthly health column for CN Group sponsored by Active Cumbria.

I am into my ninth year writing for the CN Group and Village Link a magazine that is delivered to my neighbours and clients.  Something I never forget!

I write without a brief and unsurprisingly, perhaps, always find something to say!

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  • Posted on January 31st, 2015 by
  • From what I can see it is very white and Betsy Biscuit seems to disappear underneath it.  Overhearing mummy telling Tilly’s mummy that I waddled still hurts.  Talking about needing my harness in the next size up – it seems … Continue reading